What is HOCL ?

Only PAM Water (plain water) is converted into Disinfectant & Sanitiser through the electrolysis process.

  • Without using alcohol.
  • Without using other chemicals.
  • Sterilize & Clean anytime and anywhere.


Principle of Generation

  • Generate high concentration of hypochlorous acid continuously by electrolysis of electrolyte such as diluted hydrochloric acid or salt+hydrochloric acid in w/o diaphragm electrolyzer.
  • generated chlorine(Cl2) at anode and dissolve chlorine (Cl2) in water.
  • Dilute it into the feed water for generating available chlorine 10 - 200 ppm of Hypochlorous Acid.

All Purpose Cleaner & Sterilizer

Unbeatable Cleaning & Deodorizing Power

  • HOCl replaces all the cleaners under your sink.
  • It cuts grease, grime, soap scum, leaves a steak-free sparkling clean on glass and stop the toughest odors.
  • Our all-in-one multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer is just as effective as these products.

How to Produce HOCL ?

Wondering how +HOCL uses electricity to change the chemical composition of Water and Salt into a multipurpose effective cleaner ?

Watch our video to learn how it works.

No Allergies or Irritants

Salt, water. No toxic chemical harmful to our precious family members or the Earth. And of course we're cruelty-free!


Save up to 80%

Calculation of costs compared to other chemicals Others Cleaners & Disinfectant.

Planet Friendly

HOCl is a safe and environmentally friendly Solution.

Feels like having your own factory at home.